6 Reasons Why Massage Is Good For You

MassagesWhile many look to massages as a state of luxury, they are actually very beneficial to our health. According to this article Massages to Improve Your Fitness, “research shows that massage can also have a positive effect on your muscle-building capabilities and fitness level.” Yet massages can do much more than that! Today we have a guest post by Ryan Rivera to share his 6 Reasons Why Massage Is Good For You:

Massage parlors have been raking in the money as more and more people are trooping to their place of business to have a massage. The answer has something to do with the benefits coming from touch therapy. If you want to know the reasons why massages are good for you read on as it may interest you. Read More

Some Athletes Are Crazy

Rodney Mullen is ubiquitously known as the most influential skateboarder of all time.  He is responsible for inventing just about every flat land trick there ever was.  In a skate off he would crush Tony Hawk.  Unless it was on the vert ramp, then Tony would definitely win. Rodney is the guy that took skateboarding to the streets.  Before him there were silly little competitions where people would slalom between cones and do spins like a ballerina.   Check him out.

So every trick this guy is doing on that board, he invented.  Take that and shove it up your trucks and bearings (skater terminology you wouldn’t understand).  Know how now skateboarding is a kind of  lifestyle that requires kids to wear trendy cloths and roam the streets like a bunch of guttersnipe, well that is all thinks to this man.  his father told him he shouldn’t spend all his time on a dang skateboard, but that only made him want to do it more.  Now we have skaters like this.

This man will probably end up breaking his legs off one day.  Until that happens he is going to be getting a lot of views on youtube.

Excericse Feels Like Blisters

The fact of the matter is. Exercise is rough.  That is basically the point.  If you are not pushing yourself and if the exercise doesn’t feel like it is taxing your body then you probably aren’t doing exercise. I would say that whatever you are doing would be on the closer end to leisure.

If you are going to run then you dang well better run until you have some blisters on your foot. If you are going to lift weights you should pump those weights till your muscles start to scream.  (But don’t pull them because that is not good and it hurts). If you are going to be a swimmer, swim until you have peddled all the water out of the pool. You don’t think you can do it? You can do it. Your problem is the thinking part.  Who was it that said “just do it”. Oh yeah the biggest fitness organization in the world-Nike.

Plyometrics aren’t for… anyone?

Anyone who has seen the hit TV show, “The Biggest Loser” has heard about plyometric exercises, which is unfortunate since, a) the exercises on the TV show are not actually plyometric exercises, and b) true plyometric exercises should only be performed by elite athletes who already have very strong muscles to start with, near-perfect movement patterns and are participating in sports that require specific quick and strong movements.
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Foods We Love That are Absolutely Terrible

We love eating. Every single person on the planet loves it, except those who have a legitimate eating disorder.  The reason we loving eating is because we are genetically wired to love it. Yes, it is not your fault, and it is not a sin either.  Every time you take a savory bite out of some delicious scrap of food, your brain releases a little chemical called dopamine. Read More

Guest Post- 6 Simple Exercises to Help You Stay Fit This Summer

Enjoy this guest post about some simple exercises that you can do to get fit this Summer!

1.) Bicycling

Experts tout cycling as one of the best activities to participate in if you want to improve your health and lose weight. So grab your bike, helmet, and maybe even a friend, and head out to the nearest trail. Biking can burn up to 700 calories per hour, depending on speed and incline. It provides a great cardiovascular workout while simultaneously toning legs and glutes. Read More

Guest Post By Fred Waters

Thank you very much Fred Waters, for this amazing Guest Post! Fred explains that the Yowza Captiva Elliptical Trainer targets more muscles and burns calories more efficiently. It is one of the most innovative cross trainers on the market. Thanks again Fred. We appreciate this great review!

Achieve Results with the Yowza Captiva Elliptical Trainer

By Fred Waters

There are several benefits to exercising on an elliptical trainer. First, it provides a low-impact workout. Your lower body exercises in an elliptical motion, consequently, your feet never leave the pedals and there is reduced impact and stress to your joints. Second, you get both a lower body and upper body workout with the movable handlebars. This increases your level of exertion and you burn calories more efficiently.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks. With your typical elliptical trainer your lower body exercises in a fixed elliptical motion, which limits the muscles you target. In addition, most people tend to go through the motions with the upper body workout. The majority of the effort is placed on your lower body, which then provides minimal results to your waist up.

In response Yowza Fitness introduced the Captiva elliptical trainer. It is one of the most innovative crosstrainers on the market. It has two features that are unique. First, there is the Cardio Core Training. Unlike typical elliptical trainers that have handlebars that swing forward and backwards as you exercise, the Yowza Captiva has a “T” handlebar that swings left and right. The benefit of this feature is to target your abs. As your lower body moves with the elliptical stride, your upper body twists left to right, forcing you to exercise your abdominal muscles. This focus on strengthening the abs has made the Yowza Captiva a very popular machine because most people strive to flatten their abdominal muscles.

In addition to the Cardio Core Training, the Yowza Captiva offers a variable motion stride. You get 12 motions that vary from a wide 18″ – 32″. This variation allows you to target different lower body muscles. In addition to these unique features, the Yowza Captiva is a very durable machine, which is evident in the warranty. You get lifetime coverage on frame & braking system, 5 years on parts & electronics, 2 years in home labor. The innovative features on the Yowza Captiva offers an extensive and efficient workout, which you will not find on any other elliptical trainer.

To learn more see the Yowza Captiva Elliptical Trainer Review at the Elliptical Trainer Review site. You can also find Fred on his blog.


Why Should I Run?


If you are like most people you don’t think of 5k fun runs as fun at all, more like 5 kilometers of sweating and heavy breathing.  You don’t think of marathons as a good way to stretch yourself, but rather a good way to feel sore the next morning.  For some people there is almost a phobia about running.

I myself used to hate running.  I could never understand why people would want to purposefully run long distances, and I found it even harder to believe that they actually like doing it.  However, a lot has changed since then and I’ve come to realize that everything they say about running is true.

First and foremost, running is a great way to lose weight.  I’m sure that we all know at least one person who started out very chunky only to seven months later be slimmed down to a very attractive weight.  There internet and prime time television are littered with this kind of stuff, and the craziest thing is that they are true stories, people do get into better shape by running.

Secondly, not only does running assist in improving your immediate health, but the long term effects of running are such that developing a regular habit of running significantly lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.  It effectively lowers your cholesterol and for women effectively lowers the risk of breast cancer.

Running is also a great stress reliever and helps eliminate depression.  Above all running can boost self confidence in that once you start seeing the benefits of running, feeling the increased health and decreased weight, and realizing and accomplishing your goals, naturally you will feel better about yourself.

So if there was ever a day to start running, today would be that day.  There really is no excuse, especially if you aren’t even doing any exercise at all, to not start running today.


Exercising On A Tight Budget

Most people are on a very tight budget these days and our nation is in debt terribly, so you would think that one of the last things we do would be paying crazy prices for a gym membership.  Most membership prices are around thirty dollars a month, and that’s when you throw a big deposit down and are signed onto a yearlong contract. That’s a lot of money for a little card that makes you a member of their club. But do you even need to join a gym to get the great results you would expect to get there? I don’t think you do at all, in fact, if you use your resources, then you can be getting a great workout practically for free, besides the fact you will probably have to get some shoes to run and workout in. Read More

Exercising at High Altitude

Have you ever thought about running at a higher altitude? Most people don’t even consider altitude when running because they more than likely run at the same place all the time. But if you try to go somewhere else with a higher altitude, you will see that is has become a lot harder to get the same workout that has become a regular routine to your life. So why is that? The reason is lack of oxygen. As altitude increases, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere declines. But the bodies need for oxygen remains the same. So you will have to work a lot harder to run two miles in Colorado then it would in California. But is this a good thing if you are training to become a better runner/athlete? My answer is a definite yes! Read More